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Day 1

So today marks day one of our 12ish day journey to a new state, a new home, and the beginning of finally having a secure life after military, divorce and mishap. Before I talk about our current move, I will update on the past…

My fiance, Thomas, was married and in the army, both of which he technically was when our romance and future life together started. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a house wrecking floosie, he had been left by his wife, for the second time and they were just starting the divorce process.  In 2012, the year we started dating, he not only had his marriage end twice, but he also got injured severely in an explosion on deployment in Afghanistan. It was a rough year for him, as was it for me. I had semi recently gotten out of a 5 year relationship the end of 2011, so I was just finally able to move on when I was invited to stay with one of my best friends and her husband while they were living in my now fiance’s house. So, in the middle of September 2012, I flew from Sacramento, CA to Seattle, WA to stay in their house, and go onto a military base for my first time.
I had been talking with Thomas for a couple of weeks before the trip, considering my best friend’s husband was not only my friend but Thomas’s best friend as well, gave him my number. So I was a little nervous, it was like meeting someone for the first time, even though we already knew a lot about each other. So, after a very goofy first day of being ridiculously shy, we found we had a very strong connection. After I left at the end of that week, I couldn’t wait to go back, and so, after only 2 weeks away I made another trip up to Washington to stay for all of October and not leaving until the day before Thanksgiving. Again, I got back home, happy to be spending the time with my family, but also, very much feeling as if something was missing. I then started a plan in my head, which quickly became a goal, and eventually lead to a life changing event. At that time, my 6 month lease on my apartment, which I was barely living in, was up, so I thought, what if I don’t renew my lease? What if I pack all my belongings into the storage unit up the street, pack my dog and my essentials into my tiny car and move to Washington? I could find an apartment there, and then this possible relationship would have a chance. Not to mention that I had never lived more than 30 minutes away for either of my home towns. So I had it all thought out, last thing to do was to ask Thomas if he thought it was a good idea, and if I could stay with him until I got a job and a place to live. His response was of course!
Funny thing is that after a couple weeks of searching, we both realized that I wasn’t moving out and neither of us wanted me to. I also lucked out in the job market because due to his injury, Thomas needed someone to care for him and help him with things around the house, and as an added bonus, the military would pay me to do it! So there I had it, in a span of less than 3 months, I went from living alone, single and jobless, to living with a great guy, and having a perfect job for me! We soon became much closer and in love than I ever would have thought possible. We eventually moved off post to a nice duplex in Tacoma, it was there that we learned that we were going to be starting a family, that I would finally be a mother and that Thomas’s son would become a big brother!
Although it all happened much faster than either of us had anticipated, we couldn’t have been happier to be expecting our little angel. Since Thomas was on his way to medically retiring out of the army, we decided to move back home to California to be closer to our families for the birth of our son. It was a good move and so nice to be near family and friends during a very new and exciting time in our lives. On February 28th 2014, we left Washington and drove our two vehicles to California to meet all of our stuff at our new house! We had fun setting up our new house and slowly preparing for the arrival of our son. On April 26th 2014, we had a wonderful baby shower with a lot of friends and family and got most of the things we needed or wanted for our little raptor. Finally, after waiting and waiting I got the go ahead to go to the hospital to be induced on Friday, June 20th,  and after over 3 days of exhaustion, medicines and a lot of pain, our wonderful little human was born. At 5:54 am on June 23rd, 2014, we were lucky enough to add Alexander Gregory Akin to our family.

We happily settled into our new magical life of now sleep, messy hair dirty clothes, a dirty house and a lot of stress.  Those first 2 weeks felt like they lasted a year a the time, and now I almost miss it. At not even 2 months we made a huge, and although we didn’t know it at the time, terrible move to Hawaii. Now, I know what you all are thinking, how could you not Love living in Hawaii of all places?!?! Well, here is your answer. We were paying $800 a month for the three of us to live in my in-laws basement, on top of the ridiculous cost of gas, food, entertainment and literally anything else you wanted to do, al. Because we could not afford to live in our own place out here. On top of that, air conditioning is apparently something that doesn’t exist out here, so we it is 85 outside, you feel it inside as well. And none of this is even considering the stress that living with family, any family, can cause.
So here we are, only hours away from a flight taking us back to California, to load a uhaul up with all of our stuff and drive for 5 days across the country try to Georgia.
To top off the stress of the move, I have been awake since 3 am stressing about the cost of checked bags and arranging and rearranging every bag we have to make sure everything will be okay.
So now here we are, trying to relax, about to eat and get the last couple of things done that we need to do before flying back to the magical land of not being on a friggin island anymore.



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