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Last day in the west…

So, we were supposed to be leaving today to head down and over, almost as far as we can go in the US, to finally settle into a nice town, with nice people and start our lives securely together. We pushed it back a day, so we are leaving in the morning. This is a good thing because we now get a little more time with people we love, who we may not see for a while… Everything with our move is going great, actually a little better than planned, thanks to some wonderful help from some generous people.

Besides the move, we unfortunately learned that a lot of people I have never met think I am a horrible evil person. People think I am the cause of a marriage ending, when it had ended well before I came into the picture, which also meant that a lot of people think that the wonderful man I am with us a cheater,  which he is most definitely not. That on top, of many other lies are being told about my perfect little family, which makes me sad. Sad that people are so intent on ruining other people’s lives that they will say anything to anyone to do so.

The part that angers me is someone who does not know me at all not only has the nerve to talk about me, but to also bring my infant son into her terrible misleading ‘information.’ Making these people who do not know us at all judge my son’s name because of a one letter similarity in his nickname to my step-son’s full first name. Although I do not feel that I should ever need to justify my son’s name, I will. It is a name I have always wanted for my son for many reasons, but because it’s shortened version looks slightly similar on paper to the name of my step-son, while in saying his name and my son’s nickname out loud, do not sound similar at all, there has been upset, fighting and immature actions.

Although all of this does sadden me, I try to remember that I am a good person, I would never do any of the things that the internet may think I have done,  and when it comes down to it,  I feel sorry for people who think they need to bring others down to be happy.

So in the end, I am happy. I have the most wonderful man for me, our beautiful son, my sweet and adorable step-son, and all of our great family and friends.

Lastly, I want to say happy birthday to my big brother,  Gregory, who my little raptor got his middle name from (Alexander Gregory Akin). Today would have been his 27th birthday. I miss him every day and wish so much that he could have met his nephew,  but I know in some sense,  some part of his is there for me, and my family.


All the best!



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