Lucky Life

So, we get to a nice place right inside Louisiana,  and decide to find a hotel. I use Kayak app, since it usually gives me wonderful deals and the first hotel to pop up is a 4 star casino hotel for $50.
I figure that it looks the same price as other hotels, so why not try it out!
When I tell my mom where we are staying she informs me that it was $300 when she was here. That alone makes me feel awesome.

When we pull up to the hotel we note the free valet and kind service we received from even before we stepped out of our car.
Now, going into the hotel I am already in love with not only the fact that it is beautiful,  but that it doesn’t stink like a casino at all. I was not uncomfortable at all with the fact that we had our 4 month old son in here with us.
After a quick check in, we get up to our Luxury King Room on the 20th floor, open the door and all I can think is how huge and wonderful the room is!  Giant king sized bed, with a beautiful inset entertainment center and large screen TV. Couch, chair and desk not at all cramped into the very large room. Then I look into the, again, very large bathroom. The bath tub is about the size of two normal tubs and I can’t wait to take a nice relaxing bath after a very long trip.

Now, I know we still have one more long day of driving, but this hotel, on top of getting to spend most of our day with my mom and step father makes tomorrow seem like a breeze.

Now, as I relax and get ready to sleep in an impossibly comfortable bed, all I can do is smile at being in this amazing place with my perfect man, my adorable son, my indescribably wonderful family.

It really is a good life.

Goodnight again!






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