Here and Settling in…

So, after sleeping at that lovely hotel on Monday night, we ended up driving the rest of the way to our new home in Georgia without stopping to sleep. It was a very long leg of the drive, but, luckily our little man slept through a good chunk of it, since it was overnight. We ended up getting to my best friend and new neighbor’s house around 5am Wednesday. Although we were exhausted, we had a lot to do and so, we did not get to sleep until that night.

Our house is so nice, it does need a little maintenance and the cleaning people are coming back to take care of everything they missed, but it is large, and a great layout. We have a nice sized kitchen with lots of cupboards and a breakfast bar, a dinning area and a very large living space with a fireplace! Down the hall we have the two bedrooms for the kids (so they each get their own, yay!), the kids/guest bath, and our huge master bedroom, with a large bathroom and two walk in closets!

Although there is a good amount of furniture we still need, we are settling in quite nicely and can easily survive on what we have.

Wednesday night our son got to sleep, not only in his crib for the first time, but in his own room for the first time as well! I think I took it harder than he did. Both nights he has slept, as usual, through the night and not had much issue at all falling asleep. I, on the other hand, had trouble falling asleep both nights, worried he would know we weren’t there and become upset. Wishful thinking? Haha. At any rate, he is settling into this new place quite well as well!

My best friend’s kids are adorable! Her oldest, her little boy always is coming up to me saying “Auntie Jessy, Auntie Jessy!” Although it is usually to ask me to do something for him that his mom already said no to, he does usually listen to me. Her little baby girl, is getting a little jealous not being the baby anymore, but she seems infatuated with Xander, as he is with her. They have laid down just staring at each other, or just watched each other from across the room.

Our WONDERFUL new neighbors are luckily my best friend, her husband and their kids. It is really nice to be done spending time at their house and walk across the yard to go home! We have planned dinners together and will be doing activities together as well!

Tonight is technically Halloween, but because of a football game, the city limits has the trick-or-treating tomorrow night instead so that there are plenty of officers to keep things safe. But today we are going to get and carve pumpkins, go to the mall’s trick-or-treating, go to the base’s Retired Appreciation Day, and pick up a couple of furniture items we need!

So today is another good day in the making!

Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN everybody!


Our beautiful new home!!!
Our beautiful new home!!!
The first morning waking up in our new home!
The first morning waking up in our new home!
Playing in the 'fort' with daddy <3
Playing in the ‘fort’ with daddy ❤
It's love! <3
It’s love! ❤
Besties together at last!!!
Besties together at last!!!

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