Things Are Falling Into Place!

After only being in our house for four days, and having a holiday that spread across two days, we finally have our house decent enough that I can relax in it for a little while at a time.

I have unpacked the majority of our kitchen cleaned up the boxes and trash, gotten us couches and a TV stand for an amazing deal (go craigslist and bookoo!), and even hung up a few of our pictures!

There is still a lot of boxes in our garage and some furniture that we still need to buy, but at this point we can work on things slowly and not have our home be a disaster.

We had a lovely Halloween over the last two days, as a Football game made the city limits do their Trick-or-Treating this evening, instead of actually on Halloween. The nice thing about it was getting to do two days of Trick-or-Treating and getting to dress my Little Raptor in two different costumes! On October 31st, he was Tigger and this evening, November 1st, he was a Gladiator! He matched his daddy well! We went both days with my bestie and her two kids, who dressed as Rapunzel and a Covert Ops guy. It was a lot of fun, and made for a long weekend, but we are all very happy.

Tomorrow will be a much more relaxing day which will include more organizing, cleaning and laundry, and joining a gym! I swear I will get in shape this year! ย Well, I think that is it for now, but will add pictures from the last few days tomorrow!!

Happy November!



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