Crockpot Dinner is Best Dinner!

So, the best part about finally living in a good house, that is just ours again?


Now, while we wait for the property manager to fix (or hopefully replace) the ancient oven that doesn’t work, I have a wonderful excuse to make our dinners in the crockpot.

We also do not have a Microwave, which I am beginning to like. This means that we get to not make easy, yet awful for us food! Yay for forced healthiness!

Last night I made One Pot Spaghetti, which is wonderful and amazing and yummy!

Easy, easy spaghetti that only dirties one pot (as the name suggests!)

OPS Recipe

Tonight I am making a new recipe in the Crockpot:

Chicken and Stuffing!! πŸ™‚

CP Chick and Stuff


Now for the eating!



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