2 Weeks Down, Sickness, Change and Happiness.

So, as of tomorrow, we will have been living in Georgia for 2 weeks. We are settling in nicely and even have put away our Board games and clothes! We still have a few things to set up like Xavier’s room and the other pieces of furniture we do not yet have. During these last couple of weeks we have been very busy and very sick. While still sick, we are starting to feel at least a little better and able to start doing harder work around the house.

Yesterday I started raking the back yard so that we can plant grass and get a good lawn for the boys and our friend’s kids to play on. It is a very large back yard and has not been maintained in years, so it is a lot of work and I only got half of it done yesterday but I am excited to get it done and have it look nice. I also put away all of my clothes and separated both Thomas and Xander’s clothes. Organization is starting to become a real thing in this house and I am beyond happy about that.

Tomorrow I am going to make a Pot Roast with mashed potatoes and corn for dinner. Tonight we get to eat yummy yummy Beef Stroganoff made by my wonderful Bestie who is an amazing cook. She makes me jealous that we have no working Oven and all my dinners have to be crockpot or stove top meals. Which is kind of hard, but it forces me to start trying new crockpot meals that I have wanted to try for a while.

The next thing I am going to make via crockpot is Cheesey Broccoli Soup! I am excited for that, as it is one of my favorite soups!

On another topic, I am happy to say that things are going well with everyone right now. Some things that have bothered us and others in the past seem to have been worked out properly and we are finally on good terms with people who we need to be on good terms with. I am excited about this because it will be good for my little family and the happiness of the love of my life.

The last thing I want to talk about is that today is Veteran’s Day. Today we all honor those who have served and those who are serving still today. This is a wonderful day where I happily get to see all the support Thomas gets for all he has done and sacrificed. Luckily for Thomas, this is not the only day of the year that he is acknowledged for his service. There hardly goes a week without someone, both known and stranger, thank him for what he has done and given. Even with that, I still find it sad that Veterans still are not as cherished as they should be. One day a year to celebrate these brave and strong Men and Women, never seems enough to me. And, although it is wonderful to remember them and give your thanks, words are not enough for some. There are too many Veterans struggling today, in many ways. Financial, Medical and Emotional struggles are big for Veterans, and although the VA seems to try in most places, they are barely enough to help. We personally have been airing over a week to get an initial appointment with the local VA, and even once we get that, there is no saying how much more waiting we will have to do to get all the appointments set up that Thomas will need to get everything done we need done. Not to mention the fact that all of this has to be done by us, remembered by us, and fought for by us. If we do not ask about help, or a program, or a medical need, Thomas will not be told it exists. Thomas has to jump through many hoops just to be able to go see his prosthetist back in Washington because they don’t want to have to spend the money to send Thomas there. But if he goes to someone local, he loses the wonderful legs that he currently has, that very few have to this day.

Maybe this is not the place to rant about VA shortcomings, or stress about the sad lack of help that we are given, but sometimes it is sad and disappointing to me.

To finish this on a positive note, I will say that Thomas is amazing. With all he has been through, not just in the military, but in life. He is strong, brave and my hero. I always feel safe with him and even during our very difficult financial times we are going through, I always feel supported. I know that even if I have to get a job, he will be a wonderful stay at home dad, and I am glad that I never have to worry if our son is cared for with him. While money and medical issues cause stress on our family, I love that every night we can fall asleep just happy to be with each other. So, happy Veterans Day to my love and every veteran that I know.



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