Yesterday was a wonderful day!

My love got to spend a good amount of the day with his sweet son, who he hasn’t seen in over 2 years! While he has been able to talk to him, and sometimes Skype with him, these last 2 years have been really hard for them both and to finally live somewhere close enough to drive to see him in a day is AMAZING!

While Thomas was off having time with his son, I got to visit with some friends and they got to me my little raptor, Xander for the first time! When Thomas got back he told me all about his day and that we could even stop by so that I could see his son and so that the brothers could meet! So, after a very delicious dinner, we drove to the house and spent some really nice time there. Xavier showed Thomas his room and snakes, and kept sharing his toys with his baby brother. Then, I asked him if he wanted to hold his brother, and not only did he want to hold him, he asked if he could feed him too! So the boys got to be together and it was so sweet!


So, as I said, yesterday was a wonderful day!

Now, being a little under the weather, today is a relaxing day. A day to play Far Cry 4, Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare and to watch shows. Hopefully we can watch Walking Dead tonight too!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!



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