New Year, Wonderful Expectations!

Since my last post was around the holidays, only a couple of days after Christmas, there is a lot to update!

To start, my son has grown and changed so much! He went from only having his bottom two teeth, to having three more on top come through, with a fourth almost erupted, and a third bottom tooth working it’s way out as well! He CRAWLS! He crawls everywhere he can, and as fast as he can. Our little raptor also pulls himself up and is understanding when I call him to me, and even sometimes when I tell him “no”! He says “dada” all the time and most of the time he says it when he is trying to get Daddy’s attention, or talking with him. Also, he has said “mama” a couple times as well, but usually just when he needs extra comforting. (We know he loves his daddy, but I think he will be a wonderful, sweet mommy’s boy as well). One of the cutest things he does is feed himself his Puff’s and Wheels, which he loves so much, and I love that he can entertain himself so well with his snacks and all his toys! Every day brings new, wonderful adventures. Obstacles to overcome with a mobile infant, and such exciting new things that he learns! On top of it, he is already teaching me. I am learning more patience, as well as how to be more relaxed and let him be himself and explore(to a safe extent). While I spend most of every day chasing him and cleaning up after him, I wouldn’t change my day to day for anything.

Now, when we got home from my mom’s after Christmas, my dad and his wonderful girlfriend came to visit. We celebrated New Years with the stunning Crystal(my neighbor and best friend). After that, the original plan was to spend a day or two at the local theme park and just hang out at our house. That is not even close to what happened! We spend New Years day hanging out and getting some things taken care of, but while at coffee we came up with an amazing idea… the next day, we piled into my dad’s RV and took a vacation down to Orlando to go to Universal Studios!!! It was so much fun, and I was very excited to visit the park since they added the second part of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Plus, to get to share that experience with my dad, Briana, the love of my life and our son, was so perfect! We spent two days at the park, which was just about perfect! Plus, my dad took Xander a couple of times to make it easier for Thomas, Briana and I to go on rides and not have to worry about the baby. It was an unbelievable, impromptu trip and I am so thankful to have that experience.

We were also lucky enough to be gifted some money to purchase a Washer and Dryer, as well as Some bookcases and an entryway bench. These are some of the things that we did not have before this and an amazing program called the SemperFi Fund graciously gave us this gift. We spent the rest of January just trying to live our life and spending time with our incredible neighbors!

February was extremely packed as well! The very first day of February is Xavier’s(my soon to be step-son and my son’s brother) birthday! he turned 4 this year, and although we were sadly unable to spend his actual birthday with him, we not only got to celebrate, but help with the decorating and set up of his Party that his mother put together(at about 37 weeks pregnant*if I remember correctly*). It was a very fun party and we all had fun spending time with Xavier and watching him play with his family and friends. February is also packed with a bunch of other birthdays, so about every week we were calling, texting or just messaging someone to say happy birthday! Valentine’s Day was very low key. We didn’t have much money, so we just spent time together and took Valentine’s Day pictures of our Xander(which I will post at the end). My dad and Briana were back to visit again on the 15th. We played Catan(one of the best games ever), which we had just introduced to Crystal and Zach, who fell in love with the game! We also played a fun version of Card Against Humanity where there is a Random, Invisible player(called Rando), who had a surprising amount of great, wining card, considering that Rando just draws a random card off the top of the deck.

Now, onto last week. On Tuesday, the 24th of February, we joined the local YMCA with Crystal and Zach. Since then, Crystal and I went Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We took a rest day Sunday and were back at it today. We will be going about 3 or 4 days between ‘active rest’ days. So far I feel amazing. Trying to eat better, and starting to run makes me feel happier and more energized. We also do machines, the steam room and go for walks on our ‘off’ days. I am so excited about this, and happy that I am finally in a place in my life where I have the drive to get myself healthy. This is for myself and my family. I want to play with my children without tiring easily, and I want to feel good about myself. I also want my husband to be able to have a hot wife, when we are married, and look amazing for our wedding! I know he truly believes that I am beautiful, but I know that a healthier me will be a sexier me. It is not the weight that makes me feel not sexy, so much as how unhealthy I feel. I, personally, can not feel sexy if I do not feel healthy.

So, I will be updating more, sharing my routines, as well as good, healthy recipes that I find along the way!

Also, I have a fitbit, if anyone wants to add me as a friend and challenge me!









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