I am loving working out like this! I end up with so much energy, that I almost never feel too sluggish to take care of my family and my house!

Today was a lazy day! I slept in AND took a nap! I thought that I was going to not be going to the gym today, and I was planning to walk around the neighborhood, and run a little bit on my own. Bad excuse to be lazy, but I wasn’t feeling too great so I slept. After I woke up, I got a message from my beautiful friend, and gym partner saying that the reason we weren’t going was feeling better. I hopefully asked if she would be up to going to the gym with me, even though it was so late, and have my man watch the kids. He, very willingly, said yes and a short time after we were dressed and headed to LEG DAY!

We did way better than yesterday’s full body day, and had a lot more energy. Especially Crystal, who took a little too much Pre-Workout and was jittery than a coke addict. This definitely added a lot of entertainment to our day.

So, after getting home, Thomas left to meet Zach for their gym time. I played with my handsome son (who at one point let go of the couch and stood for about 5 seconds all on his own!) and wore him down to the beginning of the fussy stage. At this point, I got him set up in his high chair and fed him his dinner. Right before the last couple of bites, he had that zoned out expression and started rubbing his eyes before bed. So, I cleaned him up, gave him his bath and had our perfect little bedtime routine! I lotion him and get him dressed, then get his bottle ready. We sit in our glider in his room with our calm Disney song playlist, I feed and sing to him until his is fast asleep. Luckily I have it down to the point where there isn’t much fussing at all anymore!

After he was asleep, I made dinner, since we have to eat so late now that the boys get to the gym after 7pm! I had to do the dishes before I even started dinner, which got me in a cleaning mood, so as soon as the food was in the oven, I cleaned the house so much! I picked up everything in every accessible room(I skipped Xander’s room since he’s asleep, and Xavier’s room is perfectly clean already). I got the laundry ready, I cleaned the kitchen counters, I put away ALL of the toys in the house, I even swept the dinning room and kitchen. The only thing I was not able to do was vacuum, since our poor vacuum broke earlier this week.

I hope that wasn’t too much rambling, but this energy I have these days(for the most part) is really amazing! I should have listened to my dad sooner! Go exercise and you’ll have energy for days! 🙂

Love to you all!


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