So, for a month now, my family, myself and out wonderful neighbors, have joined the YMCA and have been going about 5 days a week.

While I still have a long way to go, I have mad some progress and am feeling great about myself.

This week, I have been a little sick, but still decided to workout and sweat out my sickness the last two days. I have lost over 11 lbs since I started working out at home, about 2.5 months ago, and Β 8 of that has been since going to the gym! I have also lost a couple inches off of my hips, my legs and my arms as well!

While we are still trying to figure out a ‘groove’ at the gym, we are doing very well at doing one specific thing each day. We do legs, Cardio, and Arms and Core. I am planning to start a couple of 30 day challenges on the first and will be updating on here and on my instagram! So follow me to follow my progress!

Progress 1
My progress so far. It was hard to find a good before picture, as I hid a lot, or was usually holding my #littleraptor Click pic to get to my Insta!

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