So, my wonderful, sweet, adorable son likes to climb.
He climbs all the furniture, and now can climb the couch.
I, as a new mother in this age, googled some ideas to prevent so much climbing. I come accross a wonderful post about a mom who’s 10 month old(same age as Alexander) climbs just as much.
She mentions in one response that she is surprised because she turns her back for a minute and next thing she knows, her baby is on top of the couch, or table. She got the LEAST helpful response that. “Don’t turn your back!” was what this “parent” advised. This REALLY irritated me.
There is a HUGE difference between a mom who never pays attention to her child and lets them be in dangerous situations because the mother is actually NOT being a mother, and a mother who is HUMAN!
I do not care who you are, unless you have a live in nanny who raises your child for you(which in my opinion, makes you not a mom.), there will be moments that you do not have your eyes on your child. It is ridiculous to think that while your child is sleeping is the only time to do ANYTHING(even make tea). If you never stop watching and correcting your child, not only will you go crazy, but your child will not be able to explore, and learn.
Even if that means they fall, and cry.
Don’t get me wrong, when Alexander falls off the couch and cries, it breaks my heart, but if I see it and him and KNOW he didn’t break anything, then I let him cry and he will stop crying within a couple of minutes, unless he is sleepy.
He, and every other growing child, will only learn if they learn themselves. At this age, he is JUST learning the word “no” and a million “nos” will not make him understand why, only doing will.
So, I will turn my back and keep my sanity, I will let my son explore, no matter how much strain it puts on my nerves, or how many grey hairs it gives me. I will allow my son to cry when he falls, and comfort him when he really needs it.
I will, of course, continue to tell him “no” when he is being unsafe and someday, he will actually understand, And *maybe* some magical day, he will ACTUALLY listen to me(him being a boy, I kind of doubt it).
I am a mother and I am doing my best and everything I can to be a good one But I will NOT become a “Hover Mom” that is just not the type of mother I want to be, nor is it the best mothering technique, in my opinion.

Until Next time!



2 thoughts on “CLIMBING BABIES!!! ;)”

  1. Well said Jessica. It can be scary, but you have to do what you thinks best. I remember Michael J. FOX, on a talk show, saying, the first three years is like a suicide watch. I could relate to that. They have know clue they are in danger! ! You are doing a great job mommy♡


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