Progress Update!

It has now been a little over 2 months since I started regularly going to the gym and working on my fitness!

I have been doing pretty good and am FINALLY seeing results! I am down to my Pre-Alexander weight, and while I am still overweight and have a long way to go, I am happy to have lost all my baby weight before he turns 1!

I will admit that I have been slacking and not going nearly as much as I should, and need to, to continue seeing results. But, I am back at it again, and not making that monthly debt to my bank account wasted money! Plus, I am ready to be HAPPY with my body again!

So, without any more hesitation, I will get to the actual RESULTS part of this post.

Besides my weight, I have lost inches, and smoothed out my middle. My arms are shrinking and my thighs are getting stronger and a little smaller.

The Pink, sports bra images are from Yesterday, the pale pink bra pictures are from about 2 weeks after I started working out, and the clothed ones are from before I started trying.

Fit Progress 2


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