Getting closer!

So, in working out, I have had my off days, weeks even, where I eat ice cream, and/or don’t workout. But, I keep getting back at it.

If I never had a cheat day, I know I would have much greater progress, but I am still happy with where I am, and will keep working until I meet all of my goals!!

My biggest goal is to be able to run a whole 5k without having to walk.

I also want to be down to a healthy weight and look good naked!

I am struggling with my weight loss though. I know that I shouldn’t get discouraged by my weight, but since I got to how much I weighed when I found out I was pregnant almost 2 years ago, I have plateaued. They funny thing is that I still continue to look better, I am just not losing the weight I need to lose. I am thinking that I possibly am gaining muscle mass, that is holding me at a higher weight. So, I am going to go to my gym and ask about body measuring and personal trainers to maybe kick my butt into weight loss mode!

Anyhoo, here is my most recent comparison photo!



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