How had 14 months gone by so fast?!

14 months, 9 days, 3 hours and 4 minutes ago(or so) I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy. So much has happened since then. But just in the last two and a half months things have changed as well. My son turned ONE June 23rd! He has been walking since 9 months old and just gets more and more adventurous every day!

He now loves to sit in chairs, although he doesn’t stop there! He also likes to stand on them, jump on them, jump OFF them, and use them as stools to get onto tables and desks and other “fun” places that give Mommy a heart attack! Of course the second I run to him, tell him “no” or react at all, he just laughs at me and starts what I call dance jumping(pretty self explanatory).

Even with every moment that I want to scream at him, lock myself in a bathroom or just pull my hair out at the way my toddler(OMG TODDLER?!?!?!) refuses to listen, even though IΒ know that he knows what I am saying to him, as soon as he gives me that crooked smirk and those flirty eyes, I melt! I feel bad for whatever girls he flirts with in his future.


Alexander’s First Birthday(Showing off that killer flirting)


Me and my LittleRaptor πŸ˜‰


Father and Son watching things explode on the Fourth of July


Alexander’s first haircut! He was so good for the lady. Next time we will go for the clippers and really give him a change!!

So, in short, that has been my life. I still am working on myself, mentally and physically, and there is sooo much more going on. But those are the things that I can think of now. I will post more tomorrow if I think about it πŸ™‚

Have a lovely week!!! ❀


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