Today, Chris Pratt started a video message campaign to Thank A Veteran.

This inspired me to do as he asked and make a video thanking my own Veteran.

The veteran who I know best, who I can’t possibly thank enough is my wonderful fiance.

He not only served his country for 7 years, but literally and figuratively gave part of himself in defense of our country. While in the US Army, he served as an EOD Tech(Explosives Ordnance Disposal Technician), so basically he dealt with explosives and bombs of many sorts as his job. During deployment to Afghanistan, his vehicle stuck an IED and that caused many injuries, part of which resulted in the amputation of the lower part of his right leg.

He has stayed the most positive person when it comes to his amputation and inspires me every day.

So, today, I thank him, Thomas Akin, my fiance, my son’s father and a wonderful veteran of this country.

Link to my Instagram video


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