Get a little Geeky ;)


So, as I have been wanting to, I just subscribed my wonderful Fiance to Loot Crate!

I am super excited because this month(which we will be getting) Is themed “Summon” and shows both Pokemon and Supernatural as fandoms that it has to do with. Also, in November(I believe) they are releasing a special edition Fallout 4 crate!!!

So, with my girly makeup Ipsy and Birchbox blogging, I will now include our Loot Crate shipments.

I will do those on a separate blog, as part of my geeky side, which I so far have not shown as much as I should.

Maybe I will do a geeky side introductory blog before I post about the crate πŸ˜‰

If you are interested in Loot Crate use the link below!! πŸ™‚

Loot Crate Referral!

lootcrate September


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