September Ipsy and Birchbox Review!

Yay! I finally got both my Ipsy and Birchbox!!!

While it may only be the third week of the month, it felt like it took FOREVER to get them this month! But, here they sit, beautiful and wonderful! It was a good product month on both parts!

So, before I share the pictures, descriptions and my opinions on both subscriptions, I want to say how fun these are. It is not only getting new, pretty and fun stuff each month, but it is having something fun to look forward to that is all mine. I love love love being a mom, wife, maid, butler, chef, dog trainer, child wrangler, bath giver, cuddle monster, bed time story reader, and all the other titles I could give myself. I love all the fun fun things I get to do with my family. But, every day, all day my life is about them. I wake up to feed, change, and play with my son, feed and entertain my puppy, and make sure the house is okay. During naps I am usually cleaning, or making sure that the big kid(my fiance) actually eats something that day, or sometimes able to feed myself. My me time is usually pretty short. Now, I am not saying I do it all, all the time. Thomas is wonderful and helps me so much, he even lets me sleep in sometimes, takes out son on errands and helps me clean! But, even when I “sleep in” I am awake 60% of that time because I hear them, either playing or my son crying and wonder if I should get up before forcing myself to take an extra 20 minutes. I get breaks in the evenings for myself, and I do buy myself things throughout the month. But even with all of that, getting these products in the mail feels so special! Like a mini gift to myself each month, and sometimes I feel like I deserve them!!!

Okay, enough blab, here are my shipments this month!!!

I will start with Ipsy(as it is what I got first and what I have been getting).


I LOVED this GlamBag!

The bag is beautiful and it is bigger than past bags and will be big enough to hold my brushes! I am really happy to have a bag that I can use!!!

Now onto the wonderful product!!

Crown Brush: Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush~ This is perfect for me! I have very little when it comes to ‘tools’ and all I currently have for eye shadow is one of those cheap things made of a foam or something that comes in those little sample or cheap eye shadows, and a stiff shadow brush. This being a muti-use brush is awesome! Using it, it feels great! The shadow brush is soft and enables me to do a light dusting, or add more to do a thicker coloring! The crease brush is stiff enough to get a good line, but soft enough to not feel like I am stabbing myself in the eye.

All around, I give this product an A and would recommend for sure!

NYX Cosmetics: ipsy Eye Shadow Trio~ Love love love love! These colors are sooo me! I have light, hazel eyes, red hair(dark and dyed, I am a natural brunette) and love fall colors! So, being gold, brown and darker brown, this trio is the perfect mix of colors for the coming season! Not only does this product look good on me, but it feels great! I love this company and the shadow is so soft and light feeling. I love it.

Another A in this Ipsy GlamBag

Eau Thermale Avene: Soothing Moisture Mask~ I have not had the chance to try this product, but I want to really bad! Maybe I will try it tonight! Based on the face wash that I got from this brand in my July Ipsy, I can imagine that this will feel great and make my skin feel smooth and wonderful! It is supposed to be a mask for dry and/or sensitive skin, so this sounds like ti was made for me! It also boasts that it minimizes redness, so, if it feels the way I think it will, this might be something I purchase in full size!

No rating(not fair to judge without trying!)

J. Cat Beauty: #MOTD Waterroof Slide on Pencil for Eyes in Bronze~ This is interesting to me. I have never worn eyeliner that wasn’t black. But, having tried this with my new NYX eye shadows, I think I like the Bronze. The color is nice, and goes on pretty light at first, plus it is smooth. So, I am not sure how often I will wear this, but I have it now, and I do like it, so I suppose we will see!

I give this a B, just because it is not something I would have chosen, but I do like it!.

Trust Fund Beauty: Nail Polish in Elegantly Wasted~ I can’t believe it, a FULL SIZED nail polish! I am so happy with this! The color is beautiful, the polish goes on so smooth and dries pretty quick, without being so quick that it dries funny. I realistically would not have chosen this color, but I am so glad I got it! It is so pretty and changes up my usual, which is blue, black or red. Not to mention the name of this color, Elegantly Wasted! It makes me giggle and I love it!

Last product gets an A!

Not onto Birchbox!


This box! I love it. It is the nicest box I have ever received! Box, you are so sweet!


For my first Birchbox I am happy. It had some good stuff and I love the actual box, I will definitely start a collection 😉

100% Pure” Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream~ While I have not used this product, or any eye creme for that matter, I am interested and happy to try it. I will start using it during my night routine and see if I like it. From only feeling a little bit, it feels nice and soft, so I think I will like it. I will let y’all know in my September update post!

Not Rating

POP Beauty: POP Portfolio Eye Shadow Trio Sugar Plum~ These are definitely colors I will use! While they aren’t my usual Golds and Browns, they are Silver, Purple and a Goldish Purple that are beautiful! They do look good on me and while they aren’t as lightweight as the NYX shadows, they aren’t so heavy that they feel cheap.

I give this a B, it is very pretty but not as nice as I would like(I am turning into a makeup prude!!)

trèStiQue: Correct & Cover Concealer Crayon~ This is the right shade, feels nice and seems to work pretty well. I am not sure I will use this much though. Since getting into a routine of cleaning my face better I don’t get as many spots that I need covering up, my skin is getting even nicer than it supposedly was. I will keep this in my go-bag in case of emergencies though, which is always nice to have!

I give this another B, since I wont use it too much

Davines: Ol/All in One Milk(With a Shampoo and Conditioner Sample too!!!)~ This I cannot wait to try! My hair is just terrible most of the time. I can never not use product in it, unless I don’t plan on leaving the house or looking in a mirror the whole day. It is a fizzy disaster that can hardly be controlled! So, having something that I can use right out of the shower, with damp hair that is supposed to prevent Fizz, I will try any day!!! I will try it soon and post an update, but I am excited! I will also try the shampoo and conditioner in my next shower as well, but being sample packets and having long hair, I will probably only get one use out of those! Also, this stuff smells really good! Very natural, but womanly!

No rating(yet!)

Harvey Prince: Sincerely~ This stuff is STRONG! It smells like flowers, but not in a, something your Great-Grandmother would wear sort of way. In a going out for a nice Lunch or brunch on a Spring day sort of way. I would recommend wearing ti outside mostly, and I do think it needs to have a One Spray Only limit on it! But I like it. It wont be my go-to scent, but I can see myself using it every once in a while.

This last product gets a C+. It had some good effort, does smell good, but is just not my style.

For September, I think Ipsy Wins! 3 A’s, one B and one no rating(that I can bet will be another A), is amazing to me! This may only be my third bag, but I have never been so happy with all the product before!!! Birchbox was a slight letdown for my first month! I do love the hair product, the shadow and the opportunity to try something new, it jsut didn’t “Wow” me like Ipsy did!

I am excited to actually try and wear all my new stuff that I got and post updates later in the month!

Also, be on the lookout for my LootCrate blog, hopefully next week!

If you want to sign up for Ipsy, use this link:

For Birchbox use this link:

Thank you for reading my review/ my whole blog and leave me comments with any questions! 🙂


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