October Ipsy and Birchbox and Life Update!

Hello!!! So I had a loooong month!

On the 11th we headed 2 hours down to Florida so that we could be at the airport for our 8am flight on the 12th that took us across the country to California!!! We spent a week in southern Cali spending time with family and going to Disneyland! Our son’s first trip and it was FUN! (I’ll do another blog about that later!) The second week+ we went to Northern California to visit more family and friends in the area. All the while trying to keep a 1 year old happy, find a new place to live and plan a wedding!!! Yes, we have an official date and are so so excited to finally  say “I Do!”

So that, along with a bunch of other things is why it has taken so long for this post. But, without further ado, hers is my review on both Ipsy and Birchbox for the month of October!

Ipsy first (as usual)


So this month was odd but good… Let me get into product details!

Eva NYC: Therapy Session Hair Mask~ I HOPE this is as amazing as it looks! My hair is in desperate need of a deep conditioning, after a long trip and I plan on using this ASAP! 🙂

Not having tried it, I give this an A, since I need it so bad, but if I change my mind after using I will post that later!

AURORA: Gel Effect Nail Polish in Inky Dinky~ I love nail polish and I love this color! I have never tried Gel polish before, so I am excited to try it! Dark colors are my favorite and since Fall is here, it will go with all my dark Autumn and Winter clothes!

Again, I have not tried it, but I will give it an A for being something I know I will use!

Peter Lamas: Exfoliating Pumpkin Facial Scrub~ Could thing be  anymore Autumn? Haha! So tomorrow I will drink a pumpkin Spice Latte and clean my face with this Pumpkin face scrub, while I walk through my house that also smells of pumpkin(I use bath and body works wallflowers in almost every room!). So, if you haven’t noticed, I am pretty much very happy about this one!

A for Pumpkin!!

theBalm Cosmetics: Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick~ This stuff is awesome! It looks great on me, and smells like Vanilla/Peppermint! It also tingles a little, which I actually like! lol A girl can never have too much lip color!! 😉 But it kind of has a sticky texture when dry that I will have to get used to.

This gets a B, Love the color and smell but it does feel a bit odd.

Skone Cosmetics: Pretty Eyes Eyeliner~ I think I have plenty of liner!!! But this is a different color. It is a light Plumb/Purple color that will go great with my Little Mermaid costume Saturday… So even if I only ever use it with that costume, at least it gets used!

C, since I doubt I will use it more than once… Ever…

So Ispy bag gets a B this month. It has some good products that I can’t wait to use, something I like and will use at times and one thing I *might* only use once.

Now for Birchbox!


This month, being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the box was a BCA themed box and inside had a cute little awareness pin! This is a very important thing that people need to keep up on! Breast Cancer can be very serious but is also something that can be treated, if you know what to look for! Please check yourself regularly, and if you have ANY concerns, get it checked out! No ifs, ands or buts!!! Okay, that’s my rant, now onto the product!

Estee Launder: Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum Synchronized Complex II~ Well that is a mouthful! I will try this out, although I don’t necessarily think my eyes need repairing… Maybe after the next 2 months of crazy I will!!!

I will rate this product after I actually try it!

Smashbox: Photo Finish Foundation Primer~ This product I am pissed about! This is the first month that I decided that I would wait until I got my box to know what was in it. Not 3 days before I got my box and opened it did I go buy a FULL SIZED container of this because t e SAMPLE I bought a year ago ran out! could have saved almost $40 if I had just looked online first! Haha, but I guess that tells you what I think of this product! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It feels like absolutely nothing and makes my skin perfect for whatever foundation I use. I go between BB cream and powder, or sometimes both(both are Smashbox too).

A+++ for reading my mind Birchbox… If only I had read your email!

Darphin: Stimulskin Plus Multi-Corrective Divine Cream-Dry Skin~ This is interesting. I have dry skin, so I like the concept, but I am not sure I like this product. It has a very purfumey smell and an only 1.7 oz container is $295!!! Noooope! I will stick with my day and night cream that I LOVE that smells good, feels good and doesn’t make me want to cry at the price!

F-ail! Not EVER spending that much on something that smells so strong it makes me sneeze!

Clinique: Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief~ This I could see myself buying. The smell isn’t amazing, but it is perfectly lightweight and I always love Clinique products!

B for this, as I do like it, but I think I get too much lotion type product!

Clinique: chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm~ I really LOVE this stuff! It feels amazing, looks wonderful, and again, it is Clinique!

A for this wonderful, easy, cute lip color!

Birchobx gets a C for now. Dependent on the eye cream. I do love the Lip Balm, and of course the Primer, but I could have gotten anything else and been just as happy, or happier maybe!

So Ipsy wins this month!

If you want to sign up for Ipsy, use this link:

For Birchbox use this link:

Thank you for reading my review/ my whole blog and leave me comments with any questions! 🙂


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