Wedding Week!!!

I know I have not been on here for a little over 3 months, but life has been very busy! We moved across the county with a dog, a toddler, a Rental truck with a trailer, and a car with a trailer. All while being sick!!

I ended up with Bronchitis for over 2 months and we found out we are Expecting again!
We are so excited! I am 16 weeks pregnant now, due in August, and our Wedding is on Saturday!!!

We have so many family and friends coming into town to celebrate with us and all of us as a group get to find out the baby’s gender during our reception! It is driving Thomas and I nuts not knowing!

Unfortunately Thomas’s son is not able to be with us on our big day. I am not sure why, because the reasoning we got seems to not be the case now, and now it is too late. This makes both of us very sad and we will miss him very much, but we do get him during the summer this year, so we will do fun things with him and Alexander this summer!

We have such a big year and it’s only the beginning of March still! I am so excited for the rest of the year, to marry my best friend, and to hold our new baby in about 5 months!!!


Our Announcement! ❀
Our New Baby Akin! ❀
I think it looks like a little Alien! I love it! ❀


Have a wonderful week and weekend, I know I will!


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