26 Weeks and Counting!


Today marks the first day of the last week of my Second Trimester with #mommyslittlemermaid. Yes, SHE is a GIRL!

We couldn’t be more excited to bring our little mermaid princess into our family! Alexander loves babies so much and always wants to help with babies and around the house. He is 22 months, so sometimes that ‘help’ causes a chore to take twice as long, but it is okay, I am just proud of my son for being so good! He says ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’. He (usually) does what he is asked, and he just gets smarter, more helpful and cuter!

Obviously, there are moments, hours, and whole days where he makes me want to pull my hair out. He has a hard time going to sleep on his own and he never wants help doing anything. But all that means is that we have a strong child who will do well for himself and always love his family. It also means that there are nights where I get to hold him, rock him and love him like I used to when he was much smaller. I missed those moments and even if it means he takes longer to go to sleep on his own, I don’t mind taking the extra time if I get to hold his hand as he falls asleep.

Last month we painted his room, got him a toddler bed, new bedding and decorations. Luckily he is so good at change and it only took a couple of nights for him to fully sleep in his big boy bed(even if he climbs out of it 5+ times before going to sleep).

His new room!
Sleeping like a big boy, all on his own!!

We settled on the name Amelia River Akin, for many reasons. Her first name was pretty much decided without much conversation, and her middle name was chosen pretty quickly afterwards. I always thought I would name my first daughter Willow, but it just didn’t fit us. We chose Amelia because it is a beautiful name meaning ‘hard-working’. We also chose it because our geekiness knows no bounds. Amelia is a favorite character of ours from Doctor who. She is a very strong character, and someone I would LOVE my daughter to be like. She is fun, happy, and will fight for those she loves. River is similar in origin for us, another strong female we love from Doctor Who, but also another brave female from Firefly. Even though the idea for her name extends from geekiness and TV characters, it is still a beautiful, strong name that we love.

Our little princess already has a small selection of clothes, her room is starting to come along and we have picked out paint colors and everything for her registry. We also, luckily have my cousin and his soon-to-be wife, who had their little girl on my birthday in November. They have graciously offered many clothes for Amelia, so I know we wont be lacking in the cute clothes department.

I am also going to post about our wedding, but I need a different post for that, because there is so much to say!


But for now, you have my update, I will try my hardest to stay on top of this(but with my husband working, a crazy  22 month old, being 26 weeks pregnant and trying to keep on top of the housework, it can be a daunting task to do ANYTHING else lol)


Have a wonderful week, my lovely followers!

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