Counting Down Until Baby Girl!

Tomorrow I will be 30 weeks!!! I am excited but nervous!

*this post will cover a few things, so please be patient with my jumping around*

With my son, we had my baby shower in April(I was due in June) because my husband would be gone the month of May. So 2 months early we had all we would need, then time to get anything else after the shower.

This time around our shower isn’t until mid next month(July) and I am due mid August. If she decides to be unlike her brother and come early we could have her(safely) in 8 weeks and that would only give us 3 weeks after our shower to get left over things.

I know we will figure it out and all that stuff we really need we will find a way to get. I am just a pregnant worry wart!!!

We luckily have her room almost completely set up, since we changed our son to a toddler bed. So she has a room and a crib, and we have our bassinet still to use for the first couple of months with her. We even managed to get a cheap dresser that we are painting and a bunch of clothes from my cousin’s baby.Β So we are lucky to have that. We sold our other baby stuff that my son had grown out of because we needed the money and also helped out friends who needed used baby stuff.


On another note, we are working on potty training. My son loves sitting on the potty, and gets super excited when he goes on the potty. In fact, he loves anything bathroom. He loves baths and brushing his teeth and hair too! But this potty training is a lot of work! Especially when the day after I really start ends up being one of those days where I have no energy.

So today I decided to try a new way. I got his potty, his potty chart and stickers and put them easily accessible in the living room. Then I stripped him down naked. So when he needs to potty he can sit down on his potty without me having to open the bathroom for him (if I leave it open he will spend his whole day brushing his teeth, playing in water and trying to put on all my makeup). Hopefully this new way will work and he will be day potty trained this week! *fingers crossed*


Yesterday I went to get my 3D ultrasound. When we tried with my son, I wasn’t able to get it done until June, since before my husband left for a month for work it was too early, and when he got back we tried and Alexander had gotten too big and was in the birth canal already and we couldn’t get good enough pictures. Well, baby girl has decided to stay in Breech position and in that position we couldn’t see her. We are going to try again in two weeks, but we may not be able to get it then, if she flips and goes straight to the birth canal, like her brother. I am trying to figure out how she is positioned by feel myself, and I think I have a much better idea with her than I ever did with Alexander… and I am pretty sure she is sideways today…. So maybe she is turning? Or maybe it is just hopeful thinking? Either way, I know if we don’t get the 3D, it wont be the end of the world, and we will see her pretty face and hold her so soon. I am just anxious!!! πŸ™‚


So, I think that is everything on my mind right now… I will probably post soon, as I have been feeling more productive lately and there is only so much housework I can do before I need a nap(that I can’t actually take with my 2 year old being crazy).





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