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Warning! Proud mommy bragging blog post ahead!

Yesterday I decided that it was finally the day to potty train my Two and a Half year old son.

We have tried and failed (or given up) many times in the past year, partially due to trying when he was too young, some of it due to me getting pregnant and lazy, and then there was actually having the new baby and the exhaustion and newness of that.

Well, now my daughter is four months old, my son is smitten with her and I know there isn’t a chance of and regression because of that now, so I took the plunge.

Day one, yesterday was, quite literally, a huge mess. We decided to go day time cold turkey and put him in his cool Paw Patrol and Cars big boy underwear, that he was super excited to wear. Well, between the late morning, when we started, and bedtime, when it was back into a diaper I think I changed wet underwear about 8 times(or more, I honestly couldn’t tell you between those changed, the puddles to clean up and changing my daughter’s cloth diapers that are a whole other *brilliant* story), and one, pretty darn gross poop filled underwear. I tried to get him on the potty in the bathroom to go, but for some reason, he refuses to use it lately. So, day one felt like more of a disaster than a success, but I decided not to give up this time! I will be done with toddler diapers ASAP!!!

So, onto Day 2! This morning started out similar to Day 1, puddle, puddle, wet underwear, and one poop underwear, but there were a couple changes we made. First, I brought his potty out to the living room so that he actively saw the potty and *hopefully* would think about it, and try it! It worked!!! He started sitting on the potty finally! Well, by about 2pm we had a little hiccup, in that I forgot to wash the cloth diapers and his underwear and he peed into his last clean ones! I was about to grab him a diaper when I decided to just let him fly free! I was shocked and honestly thrilled at how well this worked! Once his underwear was off he went pee on the potty at least 6 times(that I know of) and even pooped once(although that was a little messier that I would have liked, considering that he didn’t know he hadn’t finished pooping, hopped off the potty and ran to his room dropping two tiny turds in the hall. Oddly I much preferred cleaning a tiny pit of poop off the wood floors to wiping off poop smashed to his butt from a diaper…)! Oh, did I mention that every single time was completely on his own once he became Naked Boy(his new super hero name?)? No? Well it’s TRUE!

We are so proud of him and I know this is only the beginning, but I just HAD to brag!!! I will post an update in a few days once I have compiled enough information to make a, hopefully, interesting post.


Picture for cuteness, that sweater covered blurr is the potty trainee. Also, we are a Packers Family here. 

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