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I cloth diaper and here’s my 2(000) cents.

So, as many of you moms probably know, Cloth Diaper moms are annoying! 

But it’s not our fault!! How can we NOT tell you about the cute patterns(especially those geeky ones I just had to convince my husband that we NEEDED)? How can we not brag that our babies don’t(or rarely) get diaper rash anymore? Why shouldn’t we share our adventure that saves the environment and money(well sometimes…)??

My personal experience with Cloth Diapers is short(for now).

I got my first supply exactly a month ago today, so I don’t know everything, but here is what I do know….

I see a lot of S**t about the brand I buy. I buy Alva Baby(Pocket style).



This is my first stash, cute right? That is what I though, and considering this whole stash was only $145, that makes it about $8 per diaper(with 2 inserts). I also bought a set of 12 five layer bamboo inserts(and am buying more) for $26. So for under $200 I had my starter set. If I had bought this amount from one of the more expensive sites, I would have spent about $20+ per diaper so about $360 for this many. So I could buy another 18, plus 24 more bamboo inserts for $368 (total with initial purchase all on, so free shipping too, like that is the absolute TOTAL price). Or, I could go through the Alva Baby website and get each diaper for $5-7 each diaper each with 1 insert and 1 cent shipping for orders over $49(about 8 diapers). So as far as the money goes, you get the difference…

The Alva Baby diapers are made in China, I know, and they are said to last 60 washes, which doesn’t seem like a lot when you take into account how much you are washing them. But that said, that is straight from the site and *usually* companies under sell their products as far as life expectancy. Considering I wash pretty much all but a few diapers at a time every few days, I would say I have washed these(including the initial pre washes) about 15 times. That means they have been washed a quarter of the amount of times they are supposed to last, right? So I would assume I would see some wear. Honestly, I have not. They look and feel and work just as well as they did on day 1 of wearing. So, I will update after those 60 washes, or a year or 2, whenever I DO find that they have lived their lives.

I get that the more expensive brands are made better, and might last longer, but considering I can get about 3 diapers of Alva for the price of one BumGenius(for example), I think I will stick with cheap and cute.

I also have a stash of 6 MooMoo Baby AIO(all in one) diapers that I got from a friend( which I am pretty sure are a rebrand of Alva, but I like them a lot(except they take forever to dry).


And then I have 4 geek diapers that I got off of Happy Bee Hinds website that I am not sure what the brand is, but they look like Alva Baby



So, in my short Cloth Diaper Mom career, I have learned a few things:

  • Cloth Diapering is secretly a cult(oops, shouldn’t have said that)
  • Cloth Diaper moms are obsessed(seriously some spend thousands on something we convinced our husbands would save up money)
  • Cloth Diapers can be expensive AF, or so cheap you worry if they will last the day, but when it comes down to it, it all depends on your baby and your preference.
  • Cloth Diapers are friggin cute!(see above pictures for cuteness reference)
  • Cloth Diaper moms usually use one, or two brands they swear by and it probably isn’t the same as even their closest friends(every baby is different, remember?).
  • Cloth Diapering is a cult(Damn it, I said it again!)
  • If you aren’t sure if a mom cloth diapers, she doesn’t. They(we) will ALWAYS tell you.


When it comes down to it, one brand isn’t necessarily better than another, it is personal preference. A lot of people don’t like Alva Baby, and I love it! Most people I know love BumGenius and the one I got I really do not like.


So there are all my Cloth Diapering cents.

Leave me a comment with love or questions! ❤

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