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My newest cloth addition!

Today I got my newest Nicki’s Diapers order! I am NOT displease!

ALL the diapers are gorgeous and I am SO excited!!

The new #teamspirit #ilovenickisdiapers print it freaking perfect! Not to mention all the new Imagine diapers. AAAnnnd, the Sunset Safari Print(on the left with all the colors) was a pickers choice and I LOVE IT!! ❤

Nicki’s Prints: I got Love lines(which I had wanted for a while), Strawberry Houndstooth, Mulberry Compass, Hip Chick, Safari Sunset, and 2 Team Spirit prints.

Imagine Prints: Which Way, Unicorn dreams(even though it’s my third Unicorn dreams, that just means my Little Mermaid will be in it longer!!), In My Heart and Birthday Girl!!!

I also got the Little Mermaids My Swim Baby swim diaper and the Lalabye Baby April showers!

Then I got the Bumgenius Freetime Austen!! ❤ ❤ ❤



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