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Cloth Diaper Breakdown Introduction: It’s not as scary as it seems.

This is where I tell you what my next few posts will be about.

When I first started cloth diapering, I was sort of terrified.

I had a 2.5 year old who was only in sposies and a new tiny 4 month old who hadn’t felt a cloth bum yet.

I tossed the idea around a bit with my husband with our son, but it just never panned out because I had done little research and that web browsing that I had done made me believe I would basically need to take out a loan to be able to venture into this new cloth world.

After knowing we were CDing our daughter (just not until after she was in OS and after Christmas) I was still scared, but I found out how I could make a full, usable stash with less than $200. Plus my best friend started CD on her new baby(3 months younger than my little Amelia), so I knew someone who knew something about this new world (and trust me, it really is a whole new world) In comes my new Cloth Mom post all about my love for Alva Baby and Pocket diapers.

Man was I naive.

As stated in an earlier post, I have sold all my more generic Alva diapers and used that money (plus more than I would like to admit, let alone count) to buy SO MANY of the better, prettier, more expensive diapers.

Now I am not saying Alva, or any of those cheaper diapers don’t work. They do, I promise. But there is a noticeable difference. For one, the price, but you can so easily get the diapers that usually cost $20 or more each for half price or less, but I will get into that later.

My baby girl showing off her fluff, do you see how cute these diapers can be???

So, here is what I have learned since January 2017 and what my nextposts will be:

Cloth Diaper Styles

How and where to buy all the diapers

Washing: Wont the poop stay in the washer?

Common Issues

Best Facebook groups and websites


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