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Common Issues: The 3 most common Cloth Diaper Problems and Solutions

So, while cloth is a LOT easier, there are(as with everything) possible issues that are reasonably common, especially with those new to cloth.

The first issue almost every new cloth parent has is leaking!

This is almost always attributed to poor fit. Not because the diaper doesn’t fit on your baby, but because you are afraid that it will be too tight if you snap down those rises!

Hopefully these pictures help you with fit!

open .jpg

Proper Snaps.jpg

When using the Rises, make sure you snap/fold downward to prevent leaks. The easiest way to check this is to put your fingers in the fold and make sure they go upwards towards the top of the diaper, not down!

To check your fit, make sure there is no gap in the legs, they can be nice and snug without hurting your baby.

The waist should be snug, with little to no muffin top and no gap in the back.

A small gap in the front is okay if the leg and back areas have no gap.

***Remember* Red marks aren’t a sign it is too tight! If your baby is uncomfortable in their diaper, you will know. **

If you have everything properly snapped(or tightened with Hook & Loop, which is much easier), then you should have no leaks!


If you still have leaks the next check is that you are changing the diaper enough.

While cloth diapers are awesome and can be super absorbent, depending on materials, you will need to be changing diapers a lot more! The rule of thumb is to usually change every 2 hours at the beginning and slowly change less often until you have a better idea of how often and how much your little one goes. Some “heavy wetters” can need changes quite often, while other babies can go hours without a change.

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS change a poop as soon as you know it’s there and can. While you can use Diaper cream with cloth, you either need to use a special “Cloth Safe” cream or you will need to use Fleece liners to keep the Zinc Oxide creams off your diapers (and you may want to use the liners even with the “cloth safe” ones to prevent staining).

My Favorite “Cloth Safe” cream is CJ’s BUTTer Shea Butter Balm. CJ’s makes most of their creams with All Natural Ingredients and can be bought from Nickis!

Since Cloth holds more of the moisture near the baby, rashes can happen from moisture staying near the baby. If this is an issue, use some Fleece liners to wick the moisture away, or stick with “Stay-Dry” inserts for your diapers.


If you are still getting leaks, make sure to check your diaper for any missing or torn spots of PUL(the waterproof lining that cloth diapers are made of).

This can be common when you buy used diapers too. One woman’s VGUC(very good used condition) is another woman’s Play Diaper Only.

*yes I have dealt with this, with a LE diaper that I am still trying to find*

It is usually pretty easy to spot where you are getting leaks if your diaper has some holes and if it does, no worries! You don’t have to throw that diaper away! Use it for when your baby is a toddler and running around outside(we all know that the outside world means dirty clothes, and a few leaks wont hurt playing). Or use it as a swim diaper, since it will still catch the poop!

Another issue common with new and old Cloth Diaper users is staining.

Poop happens, and staining can happen with it. If you find you have a diaper, or diapers, with staining on them, the first method to try is to wash them, then take them outside to the sun and let them dry with the nice bright sun. This will remove most, if not all staining.

Seriously, It’s like magic!! Photo Credit: Mabes_Mama @

If that doesn’t work try a couple more times before giving in and bleaching your diapers, as this will lower the life of your diapers and it just takes a lot more effort than it’s worth.

I will NOT be going over bleaching as I have not done it myself and do not want to tell you the wrong way. I recommend either going to Fluff Love University’s website or joining their Facebook page to ask questions on how to do that.


Stinky diapers!!

Obviously diapers will stink sometimes, but that doesn’t have to be the case, even while they are sitting and waiting to be washed. Remember my post about Washing? I talked about how to store dirty diapers and my method of Open air has been the best for me! I have used wet bags and a lid on my diaper bin, both these methods have caused horrible stink, because those fumes have nowhere to go. Now, if you leave dirty diapers in an open container, the stink will basically fly away. Even if I don’t wash for 4-5 days, my diapers (that wait in their bin in the kitchen) never stink!

Now, if your diapers still stink after you wash, there are 2 things to look for to try to resolve it.

  • First, if your diapers stink, but are still absorbing water(not repelling and not leaking immediately) then you most likely are not using enough detergent in your wash. Remember, Cloth diapers need a LOT of detergent to get them squeaky clean! So make sure you are using the recommended amount for your machine, load size and detergent type (also, it is really important to use a recommended Detergent. Tide Original is the #1 recommended for cloth and I love it!). Using more might help! Also make sure you do your pre wash/quick wash to get rid of anything on your diapers before the big wash!! Lastly, make sure your load is big enough (but not too big) to properly agitate the diapers. If they are just gently floating around your machine, or have nowhere to go, they can not get as clean as they need to get.
  • Second, if your diapers stink AND they are repelling water, you should do a Water Hardness test to see if your water is too hard and causing Mineral Buildup. These tests can be bought locally, or online (amazon has them for under $10). If your test comes up that you have hard water, and you have only washed for less than a month, try adding some Borax to your washes and see if that helps. If you have been washing for longer than a month, you will want to head over HERE and see what the best steps are to getting all that buildup out.



So those are the 3 most common issues I think most people may have.

If you have another issue, feel free to ask me in the comments and I will be sure to help you find a solution!!!!

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Most recent “Stash Shot” for fun ❀

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