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My Favorite Internet Cloth Communities

So, I have joined so many groups on Facebook, found Websites to order from, and found blogs and websites to learn from. So this short post will link to those wonderful websites.

I will start with my favorite online Cloth Diaper shopping(with links):

Nicki’s Diapers

Dearest Diapers

Lil Tulips

Kelly’s Closet

Diaper Junction

Green Mountain Diapers

Happy Bee Hinds

Alva Baby



Next, my favorite discussion Facebook groups:

These you will need to search, but I will put the full group names to make it easier to find.

Official Nicki’s Cloth Diaper Chatter

Official Best Bottom Diapers Fan Chat

Fluff Love & CD Science

Fluff Love Photostream

Dearest Diapers Chatter

Fluff Love Sewing


Favorite Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade(BST) Groups:

Everything from Nicki’s BST

Nicki’s Diapers B/S/T

Best Bottom Cloth Diaper B/S/T

$1 Cloth Auction Group

Fluff Love Buy, Sell & Trade

LoveMyFluff Cloth Diaper Buy/Sell/Trade

Best Bottom Diapers Swap


Blogs I Follow and go to for help:

There aren’t a whole lot as most of my information I get from FB groups and experience!

Fluff Love University 

Fluff Butt Blog


That is all I can think of for now, but I may add to it, so make sure to check in!


Don’t forget to Follow this blog and leave me any Comments or Questions!!!

And please share this blog with any current, future or possible CD moms and dads!!


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