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Cloth Addiction Is Real

The worst part about getting into cloth diapering my for me is how I want *ALL THE PRINTS*

I currently have a stash that could easily diaper my baby for a week or more without washing, and yet, on my desk as I write this, I have an ever-growing list of “needed” diapers.


This is my stash and I’m pretty sure there are some missing.. lol


One issue I seem to have is that I can’t pick just one style I like.

I love AIO and AI2 for the ease, absorbent nature of most of them and the variety, since almost every brand makes AIO or/and AI2 in every print.


My princess in her Nicki’s Bamboo AIO Hook and Loop in Grape Soda Chevron. 


I love Pockets because they are so simple, you don’t really have to worry about matching the inserts(aio and ai2 must have the right insert attached or mommy goes bananas), and having a wicking fleece liner for night-time is pretty much-needed for a happy baby.


My son, rocking his Alva Baby Harry Potter pocket diaper back before we mastered potty training!

I also love covers. I love covers for two three very specific reasons:


  1. I LOVE PREFOLDS, FLATS, FST! They are so simple and gorgeous and I honestly have no idea why anyone wanted to replace those beauties with sposies(okay, yes I know, convenience, but still!)
  2. Convenience(funny, right?) When your baby is wearing a cover they can wear it all day(barring some tragic poop explosion, which we know now will still be contained, thanks to cloth!!). You can match a cute cover to a cute shirt, or dress or shoes, or whatever your heart desires and when it is time to change, just swap the insert, and your still all matchy matchy!
  3. Lastly, sort of part of number 2, that wet bag you are carrying around the whole day you are out of the house? It’s going to be about half has heavy, or at least a third less heavy than if you were changing pockets, AIO, AI2, Hybrid or what-have-you.
    I mean look at this beauty! How could you not just want this on your baby all the time! So Elegant!!!



On the subject of beautiful diaper covers(or hybrids, never quite sure how to label a Best Bottom), today Princess wore her new(to us) Daddy Love Best Bottom. It is just so gorgeous in person. I NEED Mama Love now!



So, now here I am, totally unable to decide on one style, not even one closure type, I have about half snaps and half hook and loop in all the different styles…

Now I have almost 60 diapers, average of about $12 each, give or take, and I have spent a LOT on diapers.

Lucky for me though, it is still only about half of what I would spend in three years on sposies, so I know I am not doing too bad, and this way I am not tossing those nasty sposies in the trash to literally sit in a landfill for longer than you would like to admit.

I sit on my phone or at my computer sometimes just looking through BST sites trying to see if I can check one more diaper off my list. It’s not the best financial habit, and I have slowed down quite a lot since I first bought off Nicki’s Diapers. Plus, when it comes down to it, I don’t mind. I have a bunch of beautiful diapers to put on my baby and I know her bum is happy with not being up close and personal with chemical filled sposies, like her brother was with his constant rashes that he had for pretty much two and a half years.


So, all that being said, there are worse addictions out there and if I am going to be a “bad influence” about becoming addicted to something, I am personally glad it is Cloth Diapers and the world of Reuse, Renew, Recycle that comes with it.


Shoot me comments, questions, love and don’t forget to share this blog!!!

Happy Father’s Day and good night!


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