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A Potty Training Miracle!

So, my son, my sweet baby boy, my Little Raptor(nicknamed from his time spent on the inside, and oddly fitting now), will be 3 whole years old on Friday *insert ugly crying*.

Since about 18 months we have (semi)tried to potty train. Not putting too much emphasis at the beginning, just making sure he knew what in the world this “potty” thing was. Well, fast forward a year and we(I) were getting a little frustrated and worried that his time in diapers would never end.

Around this time we had started Cloth diapering our daughter(had to fit cloth in this post somewhere, right??). So, since there seemed to be no end to our diapering a toddler, I invested in Boy prints.

The diapers were awesome for a few months, and then he started to use the potty. Not great, but here and there. NEVER poop though(which I would have LOVED to stop cleaning poop off his butt). So, since he still had accidents and only JUST started pooping on the potty, I decided we could get some Best Bottom Trainers. I was done running out of clean, non pee-smelling, underwear and pants for him. Seriously this kid seemed to be able to hold it until we had *just* put new clothes on him. And yet he peed outside the bathroom door on multiple occasions.

Guess what happened the WEEK after I dropped money on trainers?? He decided he was potty trained. In less than a month he went from peeing in the middle of Wal-Mart(and proceeding to drop down to play in said pee, which, mind you was one of those lovely days where I forgot to pack extra pants and only had new underwear for him, so we had to buy new shorts), to being so potty trained that he wipes his own butt and has woken up 2 times because he felt like he had to potty.


What I learned from this potty “training” experience:

First of all, it can be exhausting, and really for no reason. I read all the articles, asked for all the advice and bought the fancy potty that celebrates pee and those damn cloth trainers (lol).

And it did not matter!

I stressed out thinking I would never potty train my son, I coaxed him, I made sticker charts, we bought him treats and all that!

But when it came down to it, all we had to do was teach him what to do, and encourage him with our praise.

He knew when he was ready.

The toddler knew that it was time and now he even asks to wear his underwear for sleep!! (naps we let him and he hasn’t wet the bed from naps, even the 3 hour ones). He is so proud of himself and tells anyone that will listen *I’m looking at you random grocery store goer, trying to buy your tomatoes in peace* and he is even more excited now that Daddy and Baba(what he has called my dad since he could talk) showed him how to pee outside.


So, moral of this story, don’t stress. It WILL happen! Rewards do work, encouragement is a must, but don’t stress.

We had a couple of months where he would NOT go on the potty and I think that was because I made him try when he didn’t want to and he got negative feelings towards it. He would literally SCREAM like he was being tortured if you put him on the potty for over a month!!

Then it clicked!

So, try all the things, ask all the advice, give all the rewards and celebration, but try not to stress. Toddlers know their bodies better than we give them credit. Besides, if you push them into something, we all know they push back (example would be letting him choose his new big boy bedding and of course he chose the one on the bottom shelf that was not showed to him as a choice. )


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