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Geeky Cloth, So Many Choices!

So, when it comes to cloth diapering, the geeky side is gigantic! From home made, to custom, to big brands I can almost guarantee that you will find the Geeky/Nerdy diaper for you and your future goof ball!

The cheapest Geeky/Nerdy/Fandom/whatever-you-want-to-call-it diapers can be found at Alva Baby! They have Super heroes, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Pokemon, Disney, Supernatural and a bunch of other stuff.

BumGenius has all the Genius inspired prints that are not only awesome, but BEAUTIFUL! Check here to see the prints!

Then you can google search and there are a few websites that are specific to Nerdy/Geeky cloth, the ones I like are:

Seams Geeky

Nerdy Mommas

They you can also search Etsy, where you WILL find what you are looking for… Although you might have to sell your soul to afford it!!


All in all, Cloth diapering has definitely come to the fun side of fandoms and nerdy moms and dads.


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