The Never Ending Journey of Mom-Hood

Becoming a mom is the most wonderful, amazing journey you will ever take. And it never truly ends.

It is an adventure that will make you love in a way you didn’t know existed as well as question yourself more than you ever thought possible.

From the moment you know that you are going to have a baby join your life you start asking yourself impossible questions.

“Do I know how to be a mom?”

“What if I mess them up?”

“Would they be better off with a different mom?”

“Wait, how is this going to change my life/relationships?”

All of these questions go through every new/soon-to-be mom’s mind, and the thing is, those first 3 never stop.

There are days when you manage to wake up rested before the kids, are able to have your coffee before it is cold, make the kids breakfast, play with them throughout the day, make a great dinner and not struggle at bed time. You will feel on top of the world, like the Super Mom you are. But honestly, those days are rare, and most likely someone will still get a time out and there will probably be some tears(the kids or yours) mixed in there somewhere.

There will also be the worst days. The days where you feel like you are at war with your kids and yourself. The days where you may as well put your kid in permanent time out. The days where you break down crying when you burn the dinner, or realize you forgot to get the milk your toddler is crying for. Days when you ask your self, and possibly your partner if maybe your kids would be better off with another mom. Days where you yell at your child for asking you a simple question because you haven’t slept in 3 days and you feel like you could just walk out the front door and leave all the crying behind you.

Both of those days are not only NORMAL, but they are OKAY!

And let me in on a little secret:

You are exactly what your kids need. They don’t need the perfect mom who doesn’t scream at them. They don’t need a mom who keeps their house perfectly clean 110% of the time(they could care less if you have a clean house). They don’t need a mom who cook gourmet meals(we all know they want PB&J and Spaghetti-Os anyways).

What your kid needs is the mom who cares. The mom who loves them so much that you have a mental breakdown because you know you were a little too mean. The mom who does question herself, because that is what makes you better(not that you need to be). Your children need you, the mom who decided to have them, who fell in love before you even knew you loved them.

As far as those questions that you never stop asking here are my answers that I have to remind myself weekly(or daily on those really long weeks!)

“Do I know how to be a mom?”

YES! You know more than you think, and you will figure out what you don’t know.

“What if I mess them up?”

The truth is, you probably will. But  it’s okay. Being a little messed up is what makes us all unique. We are all messed up a little bit because of one thing or another. Most likely what you “mess up” wont even be something anyone notices. You will “mess up” giving into sweets more than you should. You will “mess up” letting them stay up past their bed time because you just honestly don’t have the energy to deal with the struggle of putting the toddler to bed. You will “mess up” listening to the unwanted advice you will get from everyone you know(and even those you don’t know) and trying to make all that advice work at once(hint: you will realize that you have you own way and most of that ‘advice’ is rubbish anyways). You will do a lot of messing up, but you will do a LOT more good. You will raise tiny humans to be adults. You will teach them love, you will teach them happiness and you will teach them whatever else you want, because you are mom and your kids will be okay.

“Would they be better off with a different mom?”

Simple: NOPE! You chose to have this baby, you worry you will break them, you worry they will hate you(and some days they might). You worry that you are not fit to be a mom, you don’t know how, and someone else has to do better than you. The thing is, you care enough to question yourself, and that alone proves that you are what your kid needs.

As for that last question? Yes. Your lives will change, your relationships will change. Completely honestly, some relationships will break, some will become stronger. You will lose friends, and realize how much you don’t agree with some family. But you will also learn more about yourself. You will make new “mommy” friends who understand your struggles better. And best of all, you will get a relationship that won’t ever end, with your little human.



That’s all for now! Leave me some love, don’t forget to follow and checkout the Cloth Diaper companies I link 😀


*Now, I don’t know everything and my experiences are not the same as everyone else’s, some of what I said wont ring true for you and that’s okay.*

**This post in no way is meant for the mom’s who decide to not be a mom(whichever route you take there.) You are wonderful and strong in ways I can’t understand and I send my love to you as well. <3**




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