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I am back {mostly}

It has been a while, over a month, since I posted an actual blog post. 

So here is what has happened since July 28…

We announced that we are having a baby!! This will be my 3rd baby and my husband’s 4th!! It is very exciting and we can’t wait to have our second cloth baby, first from birth!! This will also be our last baby as we both agree we have enough spawn to care for us when we are old. 

I am currently 13 weeks 4 days pregnant and so happy that I am almost done with this super sucky trimester!! just a few more days!! I know it doesn’t mean that I will immediately feel amazing, but one can hope, right? lol

My first two preganncies were not that bad. I had nausea that never lasted long at all and was very minimal and I had round ligament and hip pain throughout.

This pregnancy is kicking my butt. I have had nausea almost contantly, and BAD. Plus, Inever throw up, so I never actually feel better. I am doing better now, but some days it still hits me like a tidal wave. I am also WAY more emotional and perpetually exhausted. Ican’t figure out if it is this pregancy or if it already caring for a 3 year old and a newly 12 month old. I am getting my excersise getting up and down on and off this couch alone. It’s as if they BOTH wait for me to be finally comfortable to need something or start crying!! Plus, my perfect, happy, sweet little girl is turning into a toddler with a vengance. She still doesn’t sleep through the night and she is grumpy a lot more. I am hoping it is just a phase that I pray is a short one!

So, come March 12, or somewhere before or(most likely)after, we will start our newborn cloth journey and I am so excited to share it all with you wonderful people!

We did buy our first Baby Akin 2018 items, a matching Newborn Diaper and Bamboo Blanket from Nicki’s that I am super excited to get to use!

The little one with scuba divers is the newborn ❀

I am so excited to buy the rest of our newborn sash, but we will be waiting until we find out the gender at the end of the month. 
So that is all that is new at the moment. We haveour hands full, but we are so incredibly happy!!
Leave me some questions, comments and love! 

Don’t forget to check out Nicki’s and Dearest Diapers with the links!!


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