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Is Exhaustion A Strong Enough Word?

Let me start with a little praise and a little good…

I have been the luckiest mamma over the last 3+ years of motherhood.
I have a husband who has been able to be with me at home almost the entire time we have had kids together. So, since June 2014 I have almost never been alone in parenting. There have been times where he had a full-time job, or had to go away for a while(no longer than 10 days total). But even with that, his work schedule has almost always allowed me to sleep when I needed.
At least a few(or more) times a week my incredible husband has been getting up with both kids since our youngest stopped needing to breastfeed in the mornings so I could sleep. He does it so much more now that I am pregnant and seem to be so exhausted that even naps don’t help!
Our kids are so well taken care of, even when I can’t emotionally be the Super Mom I always wish I could be(I think I succeed about 1% of the time, so that’s a mom win, right?). They both think Daddy is the most amazing person, and even though our son is a total Mommy’s Boy, he loves Daddy so much it makes my pregnant but cry sometimes(happy tears!)

Now for my mamma whining…

Well, for just less than a week now it has been a little different. My incredible husband has had to be away and I have had to be mom 24/7. I love my kids and am happy to do it, but dang it is hard. When your now 1-year-old baby still wakes up 2+ times a night and has decided since Daddy left that 6:30am is the perfect time to wake up, couch half-sleeping is sort of how I start a lot of days now. Their bed time has become time to clean, so while I would LOVE to pass out by 8pm, I need to clean up all the million things that get dirty or messed up every day by my 2 Tasmanian Devils. Then after that is done is “me” time, which has been video games or Netflix mixed with another tiny meal, since I have been pregnant grazing recently instead of eating like a normal human.

The hardest part is that this is the week my Daughter’s body decided was a good time for her to cut all 4 of her Canine teeth, even before 2 of her molars had finished erupting. So she cries like 70% of her day now. Which is so not normal for my happy baby who smiles at EVERYONE and EVERYTHING!

Dinner last night was pretty much me hiding while dinner was cooking so the kids couldn’t see me because they were both just crying for no reason. Anything I tried to do to help seemed to make it worse, so I hid for like 5 minutes(Bad mommy!).

But I am surviving. I know my husband will be home soon(ish) and it’ll all be okay. I might be an emotional wreck, but it’s okay, I have a Lemon sized excuse for that.

That’s all I can think of for now, and my stomach is telling me its time to eat again…


Here’s my babies for some visual happiness!


Leave me questions, comments, love!!


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