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Change is the only constant.

I constantly learn new things about my kids, myself, my husband, my friends and family, my hobbies and (what this post is really about) Cloth Diapers!

When I started this journey into Cloth Diapers a year ago, I thought I knew what I was doing. When I was 4 months into Cloth Diapering, I thought I knew what I was doing and what I loved.

Now I realize that I will never entirely know what I am doing and I will always have room for Change.

I started with a simple, cheap stash of diapers. Diapers made in China that had fun prints and I could get for $6! I thought I was doing so good! Then I tried my first Nicki’s Diapers order and wow was I wrong!

I still held onto the belief that “China Cheapies” (as they are called) were good enough and it saved me all this money.

Now, after a lot(but not too much) money spent at Nicki’s and a year of diaper changes, issues, discovered styles, failures and a growing obsession, I know that Diapers, like a LOT of things in life, are a “you get what you pay for” sort of thing.

I still hesitate to buy diapers upwards of $30 due to financial reasons. Plus a husband who doesn’t entirely understand spending so much money on a “poop catcher”. But I have spent near that on certain diaper brands that are truly worth the price.

So, to end this post, I will share a list of what diapers I use, in order of most used(as close as I can at least).

  • Best Bottom Diapers – These are incredible AI2 diapers that I really am over the moon for!
  • Nicki’s Diaper Brand – We use their Ultimate All In One diapers, and buy an Ultimate Bamboo Insert to replace the Microfiber that comes with. We also use the Bamboo All In One, which we also replace the insert with an Ultimate Bamboo Insert. (gotta keep the Princess’s bum happy!)
  • Our third reached for would be a pretty close tie between Imagine, Rumparooz, Lalabye Baby and most recently, Light House Diapers (although we only have a couple of these $$$ ones right now).
  • We are branching out a little with our New Born Diapers for our little man(4 weeks away!) and trying NB Thirsties, which is a brand we only have 1 cover that was rarely used.
  • Our last grabbed, and soon to be very thinned out Brand/type is Alva/China Cheapies. While these work, and we stuff them(they are pockets) with Nicki’s prefolds and FSTs, they are no where near as good for us as the others, and besides some LOVED prints, they don’t go on the bum nearly as much as when I started.


So that is where I am at now with Cloth! I can’t wait to share more, and update my previous posts about styles and care of diapers, as well as sharing my New Born Cloth Diaper Experience!!

Don’t forget to follow, and have a look around Nicki’s Diapers!


BB Mermaid Scales
Best Bottom Diapers Mermaid Scales ❤
My most Recent Stash Shot(missing a few I have acquired)

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