Earth Day, Every Day.

With Earth Day coming up (April 22), I am reminded of the biggest reason I chose to Cloth Diaper my kids.


To try to do our part in living a environmentally healthy life and try to leave our children a planet that they can flourish in.

Since our switch to cloth and discovering the wonderful Nicki’s Diapers it has become very easy to make even more switches to a more sustainable life.

We no longer use paper towels, and have limited our use of plastic ziplock bags. We also use reusable water bottles and are working on purchasing more reusable bags to replace our ziplocks completely.

If you are interested in staring Cloth Diapering, Earth Day is a PERFECT time to start! They have a wonderful sale on Nicki’s Diapers every year on Earth Day and it can help you build up your stash, while saving money!

Check out their selection of Best Bottom Diapers and Planet Wise products to help you reach your Earth Day sustainability goals!


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