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Trying Wool! It’s Not Scary.

So, I decided to dive into the wool world! I have been wanting to for a while, carting and uncarting woolies for over a year. I even actually bought my first wool about 6 months ago, as part of my Newborn stash… that I never prepped.

Well, last week I bought 2 more covers for my little man, Lanolin and Emulsifying cubes. They came to me yesterday, and while waiting to be able to prep them, I ordered big sister a couple covers, including a white one, so that I can dye it myself! *insert nervous yet excited face here*

Wellย  finally, after bed time tonight, and after the husband and I ate our dinner(while I simultaneously got the 6 week old to sleep), I started my lano journey!

I followed the wonderful steps provided by the #jenabler on Official Nicki’s Diapers Chatter on Facebook. (Look it up and join the group if you have ANY interest in cloth diapering, or just want a bunch of amazing moms to chat with!)

This is what I started with


*3 Imagine Baby size Small wool covers. (Currently 40% off at Nicki’s Diapers)

*Sloomb Lanolin

*Sloomb Emulsifying Cubes in Night-Night (Vanilla and Lavender)

This is during my new woolies first lano bath


I did yellow by itself to not have any color mixing ๐Ÿ™‚

For your first time, you lano twice if you are going to use it for overnight (as I am).

After it lanos twice(an hour each time) you sqeeze(not wring, never wring), then roll in a towel to get as much moisture out as possible. Then lay flat to dry for 24 hours.

You will only need to wash and lano about every 3-4 weeks, unless poo happens ๐Ÿ™‚

For a full, wonderful guide, join the Official Nickis Diapers Chatter, search for wool, and watch the videos posted by Jen Bawazir.

We got Imagine bamboo fitteds for little man, and have the Nickis Bamboo Overnight Fitteds for big sister already, which will go under her wool, once those are prepped ๐Ÿ™‚

I will post an update in 2 days after our first wool night!!

Keep on clothing!



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