Cloth Diaper Dictionary

Helping you figure out what that post said!

Diaper Types:

  • OS: One Size
  • NB: New Born
  • AIO: All In One
    • BAIO: Bamboo All In One
    • NAIO: Natural All In One
  • AI2: All In Two
  • FTS: Flour Sack Towel


  • RAR: Rumparooz
  • GMD: Green Mountain Diapers
  • BB: Best Bottom or Blueberry
  • SB: Smart Bottom

BST(Buy Sell Trade) Terminology:

  • EUC: Excellent Used Condition
  • VGUC: Very Good Used Condition
  • GUC: Good Used Condition
  • PPD: Postage Paid

Mama Specific:

  • TTC: Trying To Conceive
  • FTM: First Time Mom
  • LO: Little One
  • DD/DS/DH: Dear Daughter, ” Son, ” Husband
  • PP: Postpartum
  • PPD: Postpartum Depression

Other Terminology:

OTB: On The Baby(used to tell what diaper your little is wearing, usually for posting on facebook)

WAHM: Work At Home Mom

SAHM: Stay At Home Mom